MUlti-Spectral CAmera Tagging (MUSCAT)

A new vision for a self-describing world

Imagine... It's easy if you try

Imagine looking at the world through a camera that reveals more than meets the eye: not just who's in the picture, but what's their name, what are their likes and dislikes...

Imagine a camera that not only "pictures" the world but comprehends it, that understands the identity, meaning and purpose of the subjects and objects it observes...

And imagine what kind of things you'd be able to do with an imaging technology like this...

It is out of this vision that MUSCAT was conceived - a new imaging paradigm that has the potential to give humans and computers alike the ability to reveal extra layers of meaning about the things around us.

You may say I'm a dreamer... But I'm not the only one 

My team mates and I have developed a technical concept that uses smart cameras and smart tags to make this dream a reality. We want to use the fine interplay of colours in carefully engineered materials to encode information about objects that can be instantly revealed by a spectrally resolving video camera. We believe this technology will enable a self-describing world where objects - and people - can reveal as much info about themselves as they like. And if you're still wondering how this is different from the good old bar-codes or QR-codes, take a look here.

I hope someday you'll join us... And the world will be as one

We hope that through MUSCAT we will be able to give everyone the tools to add extra layers of meanings onto the objects in their world - and onto themselves if they wish. But that will take a few years of hard work to develop MUSCAT into a viable - and affordable - technology.

Hard work - and money, Yes, we're fundraising. We need to raise about $600k in seed funding to build a proof of concept demo. A camera demo with video clips showcasing real-time object recognition & tracking in different scenarios. That's our first milestone.

We also have a costed out R&D proposal, a detailed project plan, a patent pending and a business name - TheWhollySee (not endorsed by the Vatican). We could do with a couple more electronic & optical engineers, but we'll hire them once we have the funding.
So if you would consider investing in this idea, let's talk.
And if you wonder about the market potential and applications, see this.

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